Week 1: Too many “OH NO!” moments



I’ve looked forward to the first game of the 2019 Chiefs season since the last game of last season’s Superbowl run.

And now it’s been here and gone.

Here are some random thoughts/shouts during the Chiefs’ 40-26 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars:

Here they go!  Woo-hoo!

Defense seems awake at least.

Here comes Mahomes.


OH NO! Mahomes is hurt!  He’s out!  UNBELIEVABLE!

OH NO! Hill is out!   Are we going to have a team after this?

Whew! Mahomes is back in.  His left ankle is taped up and he can’t run.

Man, Kelce can catch!

Defense isn’t bad, but where’s the pass rush?

Mahomes timing/throws are a bit off.  I guess due to the ankle.  But he still can throw!

Sammy Watson is looking great.

Whew! Kinda glad this one’s over.

It left a lot of uneasiness in the air.