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This Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Tailgate

Tailgate parties are more than a pastime to fans of spectator sports virtually everywhere in the country. From college to professional sports, tailgating adds additional entertainment to an already entertaining event. Tailgating is the hardcore fan’s pre-game parking lot ritual.

Tailgate parties have been around for decades. People have been gathering in parking lots before baseball and football games for years. Grilling and eating hot dogs and hamburgers, and drinking as much beer as possible before the game starts, has been going on since at least the 70’s.

In the last few years, however,  an evolution in tailgate parties  has occurred. A whole new industry has sprung up from the popularity of tailgating. Tailgating supplies no longer consist of a portable grill and a couple of lawn chairs. You still see quite a bit of these items in parking lots before games, but these days there are products made specifically for tailgate parties.

Here are just a few of the tailgating supplies available that are bringing a whole new aspect to tailgating parties:

1. Barbecue grills made specifically for tailgating – With portability always kept in mind; manufacturers are designing grills that can connect directly to the trailer hitch on your pickup or car. Your hitch acts as a support stand when grilling. After the tailgate party is over, the grill folds up for easy storage.

Other tailgate grills are mounted on trailers. These are not the large grill trailers used by barbecue caterers, but instead, are smaller grills that are light enough to be moved and positioned by hand.

2. One very innovative idea grew from the fact that there is generally no electricity hookup for appliances, etc. in a stadium parking lot.   Buying a generator may not be a desirable option.   Manufacturers now make drink blenders and food choppers that are gas powered. The engine that powers these small appliances  is similar to the 2-stroke engine you find on a gas weed trimmer or edger. Just pull the cord and mix up a batch of frozen drinks to beat that parking lot heat.

3. Speaking of beating the heat, there are many kinds of coverings and awnings made today that pop up easily and quickly,  providing much-needed shade from the hot sun. Some even come with your favorite team’s logo printed on them.

4. Large flags with team logos are very popular at tailgate parties. They can be attached to flag poles that will extend up to 25′ and higher. Of course, the flagpoles are easily folded up after the party for quick transport and storage.

5. Tailgate party decorating is considered a necessity.  Full lines of glassware, plates, tablecloths, and various party decorating items with team colors and logos imprinted on them can be purchased and many tailgating supplies stores.

These are just a few of the supplies to consider for your next tailgate party.   As new innovations and ideas keep appearing every sports season. With this growing and still new industry thriving expect tailgate parties to continue to get better and add more fun to sporting events for many years to come.